Introduction - Welcome from the Dean (14/12/2009)


Currently, there are about 600 undergraduate students belonging 2 majors: Mechanical Design and Mechatronics, and 10 graduate students including 2 PhD. Students. Number of staff is 30, including 10 assoc. professors, 5 PhD. and 14 masters. Education quality and prestige of the faculty is improving significantly although the faculty has recently re-established. Number of students who enroll at the faculty was increased from 50 students in 2006 to 600 students in 2009.

Student’s activities are focused so that many achievements from this tendency have been obtained such as successful organization of student seminar is being announced, and many awards for student research activities in 2008.

Research and technology transfer are successfully initiated. During first two years of operation, number of research projects has totaled 10, 03 technology transfer contracts have been conducted. Many research tendencies and research groups have been established to pursue wide and deep research projects with National Key Laboratory of Surface Treatment and Welding Technology. With the creativity and unity, and with the support of the center for consulting and technology transfer (one of institute’s division), the research activities will be continuously improved, which gradually raise the prestige of the institute in the years to come.

In a due course, the faculty is planning to stabilize the personnel, to utilize all opportunities and to prepare all best conditions for divisions to develop. The aim is to become the first faculty in the field of Mechanical Engineering in Electric, and to approach gradually to the world knowledge.
In order to target the above tasks, all support and cooperation from the university and any domestic or international institution are highly appreciated and very welcome.

Best regards,

         Dr. Le Thuong Hien

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