International Conference on Science and Technology in November 2016

On the occasion of EPUs 50 years of tradition, the university will organize an International Conference on Science and Technology on 16 November 2016 with a view to introduce and review technological and scientific research results in recent years. Also, this conference will be an opportunity for scientists, researchers, experts and senior managers to meet, exchange and share experiences.

The conference will introduce and exchange technological and scientific research results, technology development applications, and scientific ideas about resolving the urgent practical issues in the following fields of expertise:

- Electrical Engineering
- Energy Technology
- Information Technology
- Energy Management
- Electronics - Automation
- Mechanical Engineering - Electrical Civil Engineering
- Business Administration - Finance and Accounting
- Fundamental Sciences and Management

International Conference on Science and Technology
Provisional schedule:

Plenary session
Electric Power University
07:30 ÷ 08:00    Reception and registration
08:00 ÷ 08:15    Opening and welcome address of Electric Power University’s President
08:15 ÷ 08:25    Speech of Ministry of Industry and Trade representative
08:25 ÷ 10:00    Scientific reports
10:00 ÷ 10:15    Coffee break

Technical sessions

10:15 ÷ 11:30    Scientific reports
11:30 ÷ 13:30    Lunch break
13:30 ÷ 16:30    Scientific reports (continued)

19:00                Banquet

Meeting with representatives from University of Palermo (Italy)
EPU-MHI 2015-2016 cooperation program on nuclear power engineering training and scholarship awards presentation
SAKURA Science Exchange Program 2015
MHI training workshop on nuclear power engineering
GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy seminar on nuclear technology