Workshop on Kosen model at Electric Power University

Recently, EPU has held a workshop on Kosen model and its applicable training orientation at the university. JICA experts (Japan) and many department heads have attended the event.

Senior advisors from JICA has presented their experience in Kosen model application in several Vietnamese universities and colleges, e.g. Ho Chi Minh City University of Industry, Hue College of Industry, etc.

                                                                                           Workshop on
Kosen model at EPU

It is said that the possibly-applied model in Vietnam does not need to be the same with the original but to fulfill its missions and primary objectives in the most effective and suitable way for the local institutions. Other applications such as 5S program and PDCA cycle were also introduced at the event.

The workshop has successfully concluded. Much necessary and useful information were shared to managerial staff members of the university.

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