Education & Training


EPU is known as one of the most prestigious training centers in the fields of energy and electricity. As one of its main tasks, EPU provides training with a view to meeting the society and power sector’s demands for highly qualified manpower, applying advanced training methods of practical and updated curricula. In addition, EPU is the core institution to provide advanced training and re-training for managers, technical staffs and workers of the power sector and related areas.

At present, EPU provides diverse training programs including electrical power systems, civil and industrial electricity, thermal power, hydropower, refrigeration, nuclear power, renewable energy, electrical project construction, information technology, electronic commerce, system administration and security, energy management, urban and industrial environment management, automation technology, automation and control of industrial electrical equipment, electronics and telecommunications, electronic engineering, biomedical electronics, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, business administration, hotels and tourism management, banking and finance, and accounting.

EPU levels and forms of training include full time graduate (Doctorate and Master’s degree) and undergraduate (Engineer and Bachelor’s degree); integrated and work-study undergraduate (Engineer and Bachelor’s degree, associate degree); professional intermediate school; vocational college and intermediate training programs.

EPU maintains regular contacts with power plants and companies related to the power sector to understand recruitment needs and as a result, having conformable training plans for students. At the same time, EPU also provides various long-term and short-term courses for advanced and professional training as required by internal and external power plants and businesses.